• Rebecca Scott

  • Hughie O'Donoghue

  • Sarah Ball

  • Hormazd Narielwalla, The Mesopotamian Maze No.1

  • Charles Avery, Place de la Revolution

  • Stephen Chambers, The Court of Redonda

  • Jake & Dinos Chapman, Am Anfang Kommen II

  • Mat Collishaw Insecticide 28

  • Bryan Illsley, Ten + One

  • Andrzej Jackowski

  • Katherine Jones

  • Christopher Le Brun, Concours de l'Arbre

  • Mai-Thu Perret

  • Bob & Roberta Smith, Sing

  • Rosie Snell, Grimselpass

  • Michael Taylor, Avenues & Illuminations I – IV

Our publication program aims to bring artists into contact with all the traditional printmaking processes of etching, lithography and relief printing, through hand drawn, photographic and digital image making, as a way of extending their practice and adding to their range of visual languages. We are interested in providing each artist with a platform upon which to develop a project which is both new and challenging whilst being clearly a part of their overall practice.